Thanks Benny for a fantastic experience. I passed my Firearms and Restricted Training Course three weeks ago and was overwhelmed with where to begin. How do I choose a firearm, what size, and what model? You took me to a gun range and very patiently explained each firearm, how to load them, and how to handle them safely and comfortably. You guided me through shooting multiple rounds on each one. I was a bit nervous but your calm manner, generosity with time, and vast knowledge of firearms and Canadian law was indispensable. It wasn’t just okay, you made it fun too. You truly are a fantastic teacher. I left with a real sense of direction of how to enter the world of firearms. I’m definitely going to be in touch with you and hope that I can continue to take courses if you offer them to further my knowledge and skills.

Thank you Benny for such a wonderful time! You have such a patient demeanor and it really meant a lot to me! I know that it gets boring answering the same questions over and over again but not once did you lose your cool, I’m very impressed with your knowledge and understanding of guns and I was glad to learn all that I could. I felt calm and comfortable with you at the range. Can’t wait to go with you again!

I had a blast with Benny at the shooting range! I really enjoyed this experience, where I was introduced to the world of guns. It showed me that guns can be used for sport. Though I am a beginner, my aim was spectacular, which (according to Benny) is due to the fact that I did not yet learn any “bad habits,” habits which you develop as you continue to use guns. I was introduced to different types of guns and I think that guns make for a good hobby (though an expensive one). I had a great experience!

I’ve been to the range several times with Benny and he is very professional and meticulous. I was a bit nervous for my first time, but he explained everything slowly and patiently, showing me exactly what to do. He made sure to keep an eye on how I was handling the firearm the whole time. Since then, I have been shooting with Benny a few times, and they have all been very positive and fun experiences. He even inspired me to get my own firearms license. I highly recommend shooting with Benny if you are looking to learn and have a great day.