About Benny

Benny joined the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) in the summer of 2011 where he was trained and qualified as a sharpshooter. After finishing his volunteer service in 2012, he started doing research on the firearms laws and community in Canada culminating with getting his license in 2015.

Benny has taken a couple of courses since getting his PAL including F.A.S.T. Basic Handgun course, Ragnarok Carbine Operators Course, and earning his Rifleman Patch from Project Mapleseed.



Administered By
Club Level Instructor November 2017 Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Range Officer November 2017 Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Carbine Operator Course June 2017 Ragnarok Tactical
Rifleman Patch June 2017 Project Mapleseed
Hunter Safety Course February 2017 Ontario Hunter Education Program
Fire Arts Solutions Training (FAST) June 2016 Rik Woods
Possession and Acquisition License (Non-Restricted & Restricted) 2015 Royal Canadian Mounted Police



Benny is a co-host on New Shooter Canada which is about sharing news and information for people who are new to firearms, and experienced shooters. The podcast caters to one and all so don’t forget to subscribe and send in any questions or comments that you have.

Below are the links to the New Shooter Canada website. Benny has been on the show since Episode 124 and every week they have exciting topics that they discuss.

Benny’s First Episode: Episode 124 Petitioning for a Quieter Safe Space

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