Review: Maple Ridge Armoury Muzzle Breaks

When we decided we were going to review Maple Ridge Armoury‘s Muzzle Devices, we had our first problem: “How were we going to test them?” I have seen others do it but I didn’t want to just stand in front of a board with a line stuck on it and show you muzzle rise and tell you how it “felt”, because is that really showing you what happened? I had to devise a test in which I can give you some numbers instead of just “feelings”.

So my Tavor and I headed out to the range to meet up with my friend Thomas who was going to help me devise and execute at test.


At first I thought I should put something underneath and let the rifle rest move more freely but this I found was more of a hindrance than a help. In the end, I just put the rest directly on the shooting bench and put measuring tape next to it. The results wouldn’t be what would happen to the rifle if it was floating in a vacuum and was fired but it gave you a consistent result, which was what we were looking for. We weren’t really trying to measure the exact pressure being applied to the shooter – who really understands what PSI is anyway; it’s just numbers to me.


We started off this test with the Birdcage. I put a single round in the chamber, pulled the magazine so it would be consistent, and tried to pull the trigger with as little forward pressure as possible. I tried to let the gun do whatever it wanted while it was in the rest. Its performance was nothing of note, but that was expected as it is a flash suppressor not a break, which would mitigate the actual felt recoil.

Next we tried the Trident, which is also a flash suppressor. It was suggested to us to use it with the bottom prong facing down so what would happen is your gasses would be pressed up and to the sides. This would blind a shooter at night, but if you were in a competition and shooting pro this would prevent the blow-up of dust that would obscure your line of sight and make a followup shot harder.

After that we tested the Defiant and the Rock Solid, both of which performed really well. With the Rock Solid doing a little bit better.

I hope to complete the second part of the test (measuring the flash) in the near future but finding a place that will let you shoot in the dark in the GTA is difficult. All in all, I’m impressed with Maple Ridge Armoury’s Muzzle Devices.


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