Review: Jericho in 9mm

My first handgun.

Being of budget mind and body, I knew I wouldn’t be spending more than $700 on my first handgun. Many guns come with one magazine, not so many with two, and even less with three. At the time I was interested in buying my first handgun, only M&P and IWI offered a range kit. As mentioned in the About Me page, I like to support Israel – so when I saw the Jericho at SFRC and the price was $680, I started nagging the wife.

She finally relented and I was thrilled when it came in the mail.

As this was my first handgun, it wasn’t long before I was doubting my choice. I wasn’t hitting the bullseye like I did with the Ruger American Rimfire Rifle, in fact I was almost convinced the gun wasn’t shooting straight and I should have bought a different gun. At the time, I could barely find one video on YouTube of someone shooting a Jericho – never mind a review; it just isn’t very popular. The poor shooting had to be the gun right? I bought the Jericho in order to shoot a basic pistol course with all the proceeds going to Soldier On Canada just before the 6th Annual Canadian Patriot Podcasters Charity Shoot in 2016. This is where I learn it was me, not the gun that was shooting poorly, and where I learned the basics and started to improve.

I took a look a couple of weeks ago for reviews; YouTube has since exploded with content related to the Jericho and its many variations. From shooters in the States to even one gentleman in my own country. He shared his opinion on the Jericho based on the steel .45 and polymer .40. I believe the .45 is a totally different gun to the 9mm and .40 from outer dimensions to internals. If you want a truer comparison you should either used two .40s or .40 and a 9mm, as they are closer in design then the .45. One video I really enjoyed was one where two guys pitted the steel 9mm against a American SIG P226, not only did the Jericho finish the test, it slaughtered the P226.

As far as ammo goes, I have never had a failed feed, fire, or extract. It eats everything and spits out the shell without a problem. The only time my gun stopped working was when I used a random spent case to simulate a stoppage; this promptly jammed up the gun. I ended up disengaging the extractor and removing the barrel, then with a cleaning rod removed the stuck case. With more than 2k rounds down range, this gun has run flawlessly even when its last cleaning was done around the 300 mark.

The trigger reset is very crisp and audible, the mags drop free, and I shoot it very consistently. I like the curve of the trigger; it really holds your finger in place. After blacking out the three dots on the sights, I found my shots to be closer to the center of the the target. I have had no trouble with the double action/single action. I haven’t missed my first shot at a competition, but this might be due to when I dry fire it’s always in double action.

I guess my one and only really complaint is this gun just isn’t popular enough. Trying to find aftermarket parts, magazines, and holsters is a pain; your only options are ordering from Israel, or using CZ 75/Tanfoglio magazines and ordering a custom holster. Others have complained about how heavy it is; to this I say shoot a compact glock in .45, a magazine or two in and you will be wishing it was heavier. The “extra” weight with the Jericho, recoil is managed quite nicely, even after a full day at the range the weight didn’t even cross my mind.

Would I suggest to someone to buy it? Yes, in 9mm (.40 is a fashion statement) and in steel (less felt recoil). It requires very little maintenance and it eats everything you feed it. You will give out before the Jericho does.



Photo credit TV Presspass, Edward Osborne 

4 thoughts on “Review: Jericho in 9mm

  1. Liam Connelly

    Yes the CZ magazines do work very well.

  2. Mike Tallevi

    I have to agree. One tough reliable and more accurate than me pistol. The SA trigger could be a bit more crisp, though.

    1. Benny Lewis

      What’s yours chambered in? Steel or polymer?

  3. Graham

    I use Mecgar cz 75 mags. Super cheap and work flawless.

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