Review: X2RP Taco Molle

Benny receiving his certificate
Benny receiving his certificate

Shooting mostly from a bench at the range, I never had the need for a magazine carrying system. After signing up for the Ragnarok Carbine Operator Course, I knew I would need something better than my pockets.

Still being some months away, I didn’t think of it much until I got an email from advertising their deals on HSGI pouches. I decided to take a look. After perusing all the options I went for the X2RP Taco because for a couple more dollars I could get a whole extra mag, and more is better right? More on this later. After ordering the pouches and my LBX Tactical Assaulters Belt, I was ready for the course. Installing them wasn’t too hard, I found if you use a pen or a screwdriver it makes the already easy process that much easier.

Taco Mags on a thigh rig
Taco mags on a thigh rig

HSGI advertises their mag pouches as holding USGI, HK, PMAG, ARC, FAL, AK 30/ 40, LR20, and M14 magazines securely, I can add a pair of LAR-15 held together with a Caldwell AR-15 magazine coupler to the list. I did try using some cardboard folded into a triangle with the base facing up and found that did an okay job of holding a single LAR mag in place so you can reach it, but some might still find it lacking in real estate. The pistol pouches are the same design and I have yet to see a pistol mag that doesn’t look like it will fit. The pistol pouches also double as utility pouches for lights, knives, batteries, or anything else that shape.


HSGI double taco mag
HSGI double taco mag

I found the retention good; I haven’t lost a magazine while running around or even throwing my belt around. Even when switching between using USGI and LARs, the pouches did the job. The bungee wrapped around the pouches added enough variation in retention that no matter the size of your mags, you can get the retention you want. With the injection molded polymer frame, the pouches still hold their shape even when empty and makes mag retention easy, especially if you don’t have a dump pouch yet.

I have heard of people complaining about how with no top retention device you can still lose magazines. HSGI has placed convenient loops at the top of the pouches that are perfect candidates for bungee retainers. Other than that, I haven’t experienced or heard anything bad about these pouches. One thing I can say is, if you use the X2RP Tacos, mount them to a thigh rig. Only after I ordered them did I think how far out they would hang. The truth is, they don’t hang out that far but any future purchases will be either the Double Decker Taco or the X2R Taco, and any extra magazines I need to carry will be carried in a different system.

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